18 Jun 2008

Earth FC: Global Dream Team

So I was thinking, if we discovered a new planet! or a few new planets and that, whatever. Got pally with em you know, do some trading, bomb them and take their oil etc. Inevitably at some point Earth would want to do like a "Universe Cup" wouldn't we. So who'd play for Earth FC? here's my team, check it.

1. (keeper) Gianluigi Buffon, Italy and Juventus.

2. Rio Ferdinand, England and Man United

3. Sami Hyypia, Finland and Liverpool

4. Fabio Cannavaro, Italy and Real Madrid

5. Marco Materazzi, Italy and Internazionale Milano

6. Patrice Evra, France and Man United

7. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal and Man United

8. Karim Benzema, France and Olympique Lyonnais

9. Lionel Messi, Argentina and Barcelona

10. Fernando Torres, Spain and Liverpool

11. David Villa, Spain and Valencia

Sub 1. Ronaldinho, Brazil and Barcelona
Sub 2. David Beckham, England and LA Galaxy
Sub 3. Wayne Rooney, England and Man United
Sub 4. Ryan Babbel, Holland and Liverpool
Sub Keeper. Petr Cech, Czech Republic and Chelsea